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Disassembly scheme grohe faucet for the bathroom. How to disassemble the mixer in the bathroom and in the kitchen

  1. Crane Types
  2. The tool that is needed for work
  3. Pros and cons of single lever faucets
  4. Mixer device
  5. Phased disassembly of the mixer
  6. Single lever tap device
  7. Preparing for disassembling a single lever mixer
  8. Parsing single lever mixer
  9. Two valve faucets
  10. We disassemble the two-valve type mixer

The bathroom is a place of personal hygiene of the person. A special place in it occupies the bowl of the bathroom. It comes in different sizes and differently installed.

The main element of the bath is a mixer. It is attached directly to the exits. threaded connections out the wall. Accordingly, cranes for stopping the supply of water are not provided, since the pipes are hidden in the wall.

In this case, the water supply is completely blocked to the bathroom. Repair or replacement of the mixer requires prompt resolution of the problem.

It is possible that the gasket has failed, and it will not be difficult to replace it. If the damage is more significant, you need to disassemble the mixer for repair or replace it entirely.

The shower mixer has a soy design feature. It is a two-valve mechanism, but a distinctive feature of its design is the presence of a long faucet tube and a shower head with a stand.

To repair one of the nodes, you need to know the design of the mixer. You can consider, in general, the disassembly of the mixer on the nodes:

  1. Long tube tap . To eliminate the leakage of the tubes, it is not necessary to turn off the water, since this node does not receive water when the valves are closed. To replace the gasket or replace the entire pipe, you need to unscrew only one fastener in the form of a nut;
  2. The lever of switching of the shower / faucet modes. You can disassemble it with a spanner. For a start, unscrew the fasteners with the hexagon, then remove the lever. Unscrew the locking nut and remove the cartridge for replacement. Then insert the new element and twist the latch back. At the end of the installation, the lever must be put in place;
  3. The mechanism of the shower head . All elements of the watering can are fastened with threaded connections. To repair them, you need to carry out only one (replacement of the watering can) or two operations (replacement of the shower hose or the molded stand);
  4. Crane box .

Dismantling of the crane-boxes is carried out equally for both units and with the water supply shut off:

  • The decorative cap is removed and the valve is unscrewed;
  • the chrome dome is removed and the retaining nut is unscrewed;
  • and inserted a new one;
  • then collect the node shower mixer in reverse order.

The decorative cap is removed and the valve is unscrewed;   the chrome dome is removed and the retaining nut is unscrewed;   and inserted a new one;   then collect the node   shower mixer   in reverse order

Ceramic faucets are made mainly for granite or ceramic granite sinks and washbasins, as well as for baths of any type. The presence of this type of mixers facilitates the selection of a harmonious combination of sanitary devices.

In ceramic mixers ground glass ceramic plates are used as an adjustable mechanism. The plates themselves are polished, because this element ensures the tightness of the ceramic mixer.

Mixing hot and cold water occurs without a single strip inside the mixer. Ceramic faucets have excellent temperature limiting function. hot water .

A filter is mounted in the middle of the mixer to prevent small particles and debris from falling between the plates, since the lack of ego can quickly clog the plates. If the plates are clogged, the ceramic mixer fails.

If the ceramic mixer fails, it can be disassembled , but only to clean the filter. To do this, remove the decorative cap on the mixer lever and unscrew the clamping screw with a hexagon.

Then you need to unscrew the chrome cupola and clamping nut, then remove the filter, rinse it thoroughly and put it in place by reassembling the mixer in the reverse order.

Ceramic mixers serve for decades without breakdowns. If the plate mechanism has failed, the mixer must be replaced.

Also watch the video lesson on the repair and disassembly of ceramic faucets.

The lever mixer has one lever for controlling the flow and mixing of water at the same time. This design has come to replace instead of obsolete types of two-valve mixers. Thanks to one lever it became convenient to use it in household needs.

Many people already refuse two-valve mixers and install single-lever mixers.

Not so long ago such novelties were very expensive and only a narrow circle of people were available. Now they can be purchased at any sanitary ware shop at affordable prices , and their range will allow you to choose the original model.

Despite the reliability of single-lever mixers, some of their elements, over time, require replacement or repair. In order to carry out repairs, it is necessary to carry out a number of operations:

  • At the beginning of the repair process it is necessary to turn off the water supply to the mixer;
  • then you need to remove the lever. We remove the protective cap with the designation of cold (blue) and hot (red) water. Next, you need a hex to loosen the mounting, cylindrical screw. Remove the lever;
  • you have a regulating rod and a decorative chrome-plated nut in the shape of a dome, you need to unscrew it;
  • for the next action you need an adjustable wrench. Take it and release the nut, the cartridge retainer;
  • then remove the cartridge for replacement.
  • we insert a new cartridge and we carry out assembly of the mixer.

If it is necessary to remove the aerator for cleaning, you just need to wring it out with an adjustable wrench.

Also watch the video on how to quickly and correctly disassemble and replace the faucet in the bathroom.

Single lever faucets are increasingly being installed in bathrooms and kitchens. Such taps have recently become an excellent substitute for the usual old stuffing boxes that are convenient in that they have only one knob to control the pressure and temperature of the water. Despite the convenience, the taps often break, and it is not always possible to call a plumber. Therefore, every man should know how to disassemble a single lever faucet in the kitchen and bathroom.

Crane Types

Usually in the apartments are installed mixers of one type of two: single lever or gland, having two taps.

The single lever mixer allows you to adjust the water pressure and its temperature by tilting and turning the handle. The mixers of this type themselves are divided into two types: ceramic and ball. The device of the ceramic mixer is quite complex, it is equipped with metal-ceramic plates, tightly adjacent to each other and providing tightness and water pressure. Ball acquired its name from the design used: the pressure and temperature are regulated by a ball mechanism with three holes.

In stuffing mixers, you need to adjust the water with two handles each time it is turned on.

The tool that is needed for work

If there is a weak pressure in the faucet, or the mixer itself leaks, repair is necessary. You do not know single lever? Stock up on the following tools and materials:

Flat screwdriver;

Hex key;


Sealing grease;

Adjustable wrench;

Work gloves;

Fabric for removing chrome parts.

Fabric for removing chrome parts

Pros and cons of single lever faucets

Each mixer has some pros and cons during operation. The advantages include divided regulation of the power of the flow of water and its temperature. Having only one knob on the mixer allows you to leave the tap in this position after the selected optimal temperature and no longer adjust, but only change the flow force. An equally important advantage will be a relatively low cost with good reliability, as well as a large range that will satisfy even the most capricious buyer.

The disadvantage will be strong friction between the gaskets when adjusting; when solid particles get into the water, the tightness of the mixer is disturbed, which requires the installation of a water filter.

If you know exactly how to disassemble the single lever mixer, you can avoid many problems at work.

Mixer device

Before you disassemble a single lever mixer for a bath or shower, you need to find out how it works. The design of such a mixer consists of a large number of elements, despite the fact that it is a rather small mechanism.

Durability and reliable operation in the crane provides a non-separable ceramic cartridge, which is one of the structural elements. There are no seals in the single-lever mechanism, because all its elements are precisely matched to each other. In fact, there is nothing to break in such a mixer, but most often breakdowns occur due to the appearance of scale in the locking mechanism. That is why, making repairs, you have to change the swivel head of the crane and its lever.

Phased disassembly of the mixer

Consider how to disassemble a kitchen single lever mixer, and how to do it correctly. All the necessary tools to work need to prepare in advance.

The supply of hot and cold water is shut off with a special valve, otherwise flood the neighbors. Opening the mixer, be sure to make sure that the water is turned off and does not flow. Then the decorative cap is removed on the mixer. After that, unscrew the screw that secures the lever with a hex or flat screwdriver. Then the lever is gently lifted up, with a slight rocking from side to side. The protective screen is unscrewed counter-clockwise, you can unscrew by hand, if it does not give in, you can lightly tap it with a hammer. Carefully ensure that the screen does not rotate, otherwise it may damage the water hoses under the tap.

Using pliers, remove the chrome dome, try not to damage the 4-toothed ring under it. Remove the ball from the mixer, after it the sealing springs, if necessary, they will need to be replaced. A screwdriver removes the seals and is later replaced with new ones. After the mixer is disassembled, you need to inspect it for the presence of rust, scale or defects. If any of the above is found, the part must either be replaced or cleaned. Replace the cartridge if necessary.

To assemble the crane, you will need to perform actions in the reverse order.

Single lever mixer for shower or bath is disassembled according to the same principle. The disassembly method may differ only depending on which modification of the single-lever crane is installed.

Getting a general idea of ​​how to disassemble a single-lever mixer in the kitchen, shower or bath is not enough. It is also necessary practice and a pair of practical advice.

When the locking nuts do not loosen due to rust or scale, the application of excessive force deforms or breaks the mechanism of the mixer. Professionals advise you to put the WD-40 compound in place of an intractable compound, it will help and scale, after which the locking nuts can be easily unscrewed.

There are cases when the composition of the WD-40 is useless. Then it remains the only option - grind a nut across the grinder. And then, using the pliers, carefully remove it.

And then, using the pliers, carefully remove it

Inspecting the details of the disassembled mixer, you need to pay attention to the cartridge, it is he who often can cause leakage of the crane. From the mixer, it can be removed with a hex key or a small screwdriver.

The surface of the mixers is mostly chrome-plated, so when removing such parts, use a cloth so as not to accidentally leave scratches.

Inexpensive mixers are made of light and thin metal, which is very easy to deform during disassembly. This must be taken into account when disassembling the mixer and replacing some elements in it.

Try to keep these tips in mind when studying the material on how to disassemble a single lever mixer.

Disassembling a bathroom faucet with a shower is easy enough if you know which side to take it from. First you need to understand the design of the crane and draw up a plan of action.

Products are divided into three types:

  • Single lever (ball or ceramic);
  • Two-valve;
  • Thermostatic.

Repair of the last type of crane can be carried out only by craftsmen due to a complex device, but the first two products can be completely disassembled by hand. If you know how the bathroom faucet is sorted out, it’s quite simple to do.

Single lever tap device

The position of the lever of such a crane determines the temperature of the water and the volume of the jet. The temperature is determined by the position of the lever horizontally, the pressure - vertically.

The design consists of the following parts:
1. The switch for the shower;
2. Lever or grip;
3. housing cover;
4. Fixing bracket;
5. Place to connect the wiring below;
6. Spout with aerator;
7. Replaceable cartridge;

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Depending on the type of cartridge, they are also divided into ceramic and ball. Each of them has its own nuances.

For example, a ball mixer is durable and durable. The regulator is made in the form of a ball with three holes. It is the position of this ball that controls all indicators. Because of him, it is so difficult and expensive to repair.
A ceramic cartridge consists of several discs that fit snugly together and, by rotation, determine the pressure and temperature of the water.

Preparing for disassembling a single lever mixer

Before you disassemble the ball mixer in the bathroom, you need to prepare the tools:
1. Hex keys;
2. Screwdrivers;
3. Pliers or pliers;
4. Adjustable wrench;
5. Wrench;
6. Knife.
The main problem that may lie in wait for dismantling this design is the appearance of scale inside (on the cartridge and the bottom stock). If the ball or ceramic cartridge is not known, then before purchasing a replacement part, it is necessary to disassemble and inspect the insides.

Any disassembly of the mixer must begin with the water supply shut off. This should be done at the entrance of the water into the apartment, then open all the taps and drain the water. All the water will not go away, so when dismantling you need to have a basin with you.
To remove the ceramic cartridge, you need to disassemble the top of the device, this is the easiest option. Sometimes this product is mounted directly on the side of the tub. Then you need to carefully behave with a rubber gasket between the board and the mixer.

Parsing single lever mixer

The parsing process will look like this:

1. Unscrew the nuts holding the flexible wiring with an adjustable wrench.
2. Lift the product and remove the hoses from the seats.
3. Carefully remove the fragile protective cover by prying with a screwdriver or knife (if any).
4. Unscrew the fixing screw using a suitable hex key.
5. Carefully try to remove the lever. You do not have to pull and pull hard, because the problem may lie in sticking the lever to the body.
6. If it is a matter of scale, the joint should be lubricated with lube or scalded with boiling water. Then the parts can be exploited further.
7. After that, it is necessary to unscrew the clamping nut. If it is tight, you can use pliers.
8. Remove the cartridge from its intended location. If you are not a professional and the cartridge needs replacing, you need to sketch its position in order to install the new part correctly after purchase.

If you are not a professional and the cartridge needs replacing, you need to sketch its position in order to install the new part correctly after purchase

Next, you do not need to disassemble the faucet, because the ceramic cartridge is not suitable for repair, it can only be replaced, and there are no other parts for repair or replacement (except for rubber or silicone seals or an aerator mesh).

Devices with a spherical cartridge are even less suitable for repair than with a ceramic one. In about half of the cases, it is necessary to replace the entire valve, but if it is possible to replace the cartridge, the procedure is exactly the same as above.

If the problem is a bad head of water or the flow of a crane, you can try to fix it yourself. If the water does not flow out well, then it is most likely a matter of a clogged aerator grate. In this case, after removing the lever with the cartridge, you need to remove the plastic protection and unscrew the nut from the tap spout, pull the filter screen out of the recess and rinse it well under a strong stream of water.

If the valve leaks, it is necessary to replace the rubber seals. After removing the lever, you need to dismantle the dome of the lever and remove the plastic protection of the spherical cartridge, it also has a seal that can leak. Next you need to check the ball element for wear and replace if necessary. After the ball is pulled out, you need a thin screwdriver to pull out the seals under the springs to check.

The springs also need to be replaced, they wear out quickly. After replacing the springs, the seal and, if necessary, the ball element, the mixer can be assembled back. Be sure to check it at different pressures and temperatures. To make the assembly go even better, you need to lubricate all moving parts with silicone grease.

Two valve faucets

To understand how to disassemble the faucet in the bathroom of the two-valve type, you need to know some details.
These faucets after the appearance of single-lever lost their popularity. Their action is to mix two streams into one directly in the tap. Such a mixer can be either with gaskets or with ceramic discs, they are interchangeable. The two-valve faucet can be drilled with holes in the body under the tee or with connections for connecting rigid or flexible hoses, the disassembly of the bathroom faucet is basically the same.

We disassemble the two-valve type mixer

To parse even such a simple mixer, you need to prepare the tools:

[ U ] [ OT ] [ ST ] [ OST ] [ TG ] [

You do not know single lever?


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