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Varieties of metal puzzles

Metal puzzles surprise with their variety, complexity and design, so it is not surprising why it is so difficult for an unprepared buyer to choose something interesting.

Iron puzzles - a strong trick for a strong mind. This is how you can briefly characterize this type of entertainment. These troubles are known to us since childhood, the only thing that over time has become more, they have become better and more diverse. In most stores, metal puzzles are divided into cast, wire and curly. Metallic puzzles buy in Kiev it is easy in our time, they are almost everywhere.
Cast puzzles have the most attractive appearance. They received their name from the technique: usually such puzzles have complex shapes with many patterns that can only be created by casting metal.
In most online stores you can find a series of cast puzzles that exactly copy the well-known Japanese brand Cast Puzzle by Hanayama. It should be noted here that the copy is no worse than the original, but it is cheaper due to what is being done in China. Such iron (and to be more precise, brass or silumin) puzzles look very nice, so they are often bought as a gift.
Iron puzzles - a strong trick for a strong mind
Wire puzzles in their appearance resemble bent nails, hooks and rings made of solid wire. Such toys are often bought for gifts for guys, colleagues and children. The task of all these intellectual games is the same - to separate the parts, and then connect them back. It may seem to some that these puzzles are easy to break, or to crack them by straightening them up - believe me, it will not work. Products made from solid steel, so solving such puzzles have to rely only on your mind.

Curly metal puzzles - truly a unique thing! As in the wire zamorochkah, from abstract hooks and curls obtained quite recognizable objects and animal figures. The task is the same - to release the ring or loop, and then return it to its place. However, such metal puzzles, in addition to the direct destination, can also be beautiful trinkets, which are often bought for a gift or for a collection.

As you can see, if you do not take into account various metal puzzles, such as a neocube or a 3D puzzle, metal puzzles from wire alone can be counted for about 100 kinds.
Buy metal puzzles - means to make wonderful gifts for children and adults who will delight both the eye, and the hand, and the brain. Iron puzzles are smooth, pleasant to the touch and very durable. Buying them, you can not be afraid that they will break the next day. Cast complex tricks will not only help to decorate your leisure, but also become a good exhibit on the shelf of any collector.


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